"Because love shouldn't hurt"

Success Stories

Success Stories

Dear Carol,

From time to time I read the newspapers and visit your website to see what is happening at Dottie's House. I just want to sincerely thank you and your dedicated staff for the opportunity of being a resident at Dottie's House. I am so grateful for all of the assistance and guidance your organization has provided for myself and my family.

We are doing very well and are very happy. I recently started working in the kitchen at a new school and I am very happy with my job. My daughter is attending massage therapy school and her grades are excellent. My son is in first grade and has made a lot of new friends. We now live in a beautiful rental home.

Life has become a true joy and I wake up everyday grateful and I have you to thank for that! Your program has taught me how to deal with life's obstacles.

None of this would have ever happened without your help! I will be forever thankful for Dottie's House and the future it has allowed me to provide for my children - free from violence! I will never forget you and your staff.

Thank you again for your kindness and compassion.