"Because love shouldn't hurt"

To Mom, From Daughter with Love

April 3, 2017

A teenager at Dottie's House writes poem to her mom, with love.

Written by: A

I always him like my own dad

In which I never had

I really thought he was different then the rest

But instead he only created a lot of stress

With all the abuse I have to tell

I guess you say it was like a living hell

He lied and told my mom he could make all our dreams come true

But instead he only made her black and blue

I knew he was not supposed to be treating us this way

Why oh why do we choose to stay

I never meant to displease him

I never tried to be bad

I didn't try to upset him

Or even make him mad

I never knew what he wanted me to be

I only knew I was too scared to think when he yelled and hit me

I never knew it was abuse until this one night came

It seemed like a regular fight until drunken he became

I remember his whiskey smelling breath shouting insults out at me and telling me everything was my fault

Then with a blink of an eye he was beating my mom right in front of me

He beat her, tortured her, and treated her like dirt

He wasn't even concerned at how much she was hurt

What a sight for a teenager to see

I kept asking myself oh how could this be

Well it's been over a year........

It's been two years since we left that man who was so insincere

We've got so far with so little to spare I have to say we make a great pair

Once we realized we could survive on our own

It made us regret putting up with all the abuse and his drunken tone

I want to thank you for being so strong for so very long

You'll never understand how much you have taught me

But when I grow up then you will see

I am so thankful for everything you do for my brother and I

You do it with a smile and not a single sigh

I don't know what to do to show you how much I appreciate everything you do

So, I am sorry this Christmas I can't do much for you but this is the thing you look so forward to.

Love Always,

Your Daughter