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About Us

“About Us” ….

Dottie’s House is a long-term, comprehensive program offering a multitude of services to the residents who live here including weekly case management, supportive counseling, domestic violence groups, and therapeutic art classes for the children. They reside in fully furnished apartments, equipped with everything necessary to complete their homes and are able to take everything with them when they successfully graduate from the program.

Our residents are assisted with resume writing and interviewing skills in order to help them find full-time employment, or help with completing scholarship applications, if they choose to continue their education. They also receive assistance with budgeting, credit repair and other financial support as well as help with parenting on an individualized basis.

The professional staff at Dottie’s House includes a Clinical Supervisor, Licensed and Masters Level Social Workers, Administrators, an Art Teacher, a Maintenance Supervisor and Master’s Level Interns. Dottie’s House also welcomes volunteers from the community who offer our families everything from babysitting services, life skills coaching and gardening to yoga classes and book clubs.

Our families receive ongoing support on a daily basis to ensure their recovery as they work towards, independence and a life free from violence.

Executive Director
Dottie's House was founded by Carol A. Wolfe in 1999. After reading several articles of acts of domestic violence committed throughout the State of New Jersey, Mrs. Wolfe recognized that Ocean County had been among one of the highest ranked counties where many of these cases had occurred. She decided it was time to do something about it. Domestic violence affects Mrs. Wolfe dearly because her mother was a victim. Like many other victims, she stayed with her abuser because that was all she knew and she had nowhere else to go with her children. 

Mrs. Wolfe envisioned a safe home for female victims of domestic violence where they could bring their children to escape their abuser in a safe, secure environment. However, she didn't just want to create a roof over their heads; she wanted to offer a program that makes a difference in the lives of the families it serves. Her vision soon became a reality when Dottie's House opened its doors on May 21, 2001. While the facility was initially named Sea Shellter, it was renamed Dottie's House in honor of Mrs. Wolfe's mother, Dottie Camilli, who unfortunately passed away during the construction phase of the project. However, we know Dottie is there in spirit, guiding the women through this life changing program.

Mrs. Wolfe currently remains the Executive Director and is actively involved in the facility's programs and annual fundraising events.

Awards & Honorariums

Carol A. Wolfe has been recognized for her many achievements. Below are some of the awards she has received throughout her career: