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Program Details

Property Features
  • 17 Apartments
  • - 10 two-bedroom apartments
    - 6 three-bedroom apartments
    - 1 one-bedroom apartment

    Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms, washer/dryer and a living room that allows each family to have their own private residence in one common facility that is safe and secure.
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring
  • Private Counseling Rooms
  • Computer Room
  • - Used for job search and training
  • Art Therapy Room
  • Community Room
  • - Used to host group counseling, meetings and various activities that take place at the facility
  • Enclosed Playground
  • Courtyard
  • - Used to host activities in the spring and summer
Program Services

The program services that Dottie’s House offers are intensive and include designing individual goals and a plan for self-sufficiency.
  • Staff on Premises (24 hour staff availability)
  • Weekly Case Management Sessions
    Focuses on achievable goals that are tailored to the women’s past achievements and strengths, to her current abilities, and to any areas in which she might benefit from learning new life skills which include, but are not limited to, safety planning and guidance to prevent future incidents of domestic violence, budgeting and financial literacy, stress management, time management, housing counseling, and health and nutrition counseling.
  • Individual Counseling
    Promotes positive growth and change
  • Domestic Violence Support Groups
  • - Group sessions help the women understand that they are not alone and enables them to learn from each other and build trust and a sense of community.
  • Parenting Groups
    - Offers guidance and suggestions for the women who may be experiencing parental concerns.
  • Budgeting and Credit Counseling
  • - Designed to help the women learn and understand the importance of obtaining financial independence.
  • Job-Readiness Training
    The staff works closely with a variety of programs that provide educational and vocational training to help the women gain new employment skills.
  • P.A.T.C.H. Program: Providing Art Therapies for Children's Healing
  • - This program provides art therapy, play therapy and sensory play groups to children of different age groups who reside in the facility. The therapy programs offered help the children who are affected by domestic violence work through their fears and heal their emotional wounds so they can feel safe again.
Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Dottie's House program, our objective is for our families to have:
  • Gained the knowledge and skills to live an emotionally healthy life free from violence;
  • Developed independent living skills;
  • Improved their financial management skills;
  • Prevent the effects of abuse on future generations of children; and
  • Obtain permanent housing
Dotties House Child
Dottie's House is a transitional housing facility designed to aid women and children who have survived domestic violence. We are proactively helping these families develop the life skills needed to become self-sufficient for their future financial and emotional independence.

Dottie's House is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered as a NJ Charitable Organization.

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